Industrial & Marine Painting

Advanced Marine Preservation specializes in large-scale marine and industrial painting and coating applications. The core of our business has been applying professional surface preparation techniques and applying paint or specialized coatings for a wide range of requirements and applications – mainly within the marine industry area. AMP has also expanded into industrial maintenance for surface preparation and painting of industrial manufacturing and power plant flooring and concrete structures, tanks, smokestacks, pipelines, bridges and concrete columns, waste water plants and much more.




Large-Scale Project Setup

Advanced Marine Preservation  has extensive experience with performing large-scale painting projects that start with the setup of commercial suspended platforms and work decking – some customized to a work environment’s particular space constraints. Setup also involves the construction of containment areas. Containment ensures a reduction of surface prep blasting dust and creates partitioning to prevent encroachment on other construction work areas. It also increases the safety of our employees as well as other personnel working in the area. Our containment also reduces the risk of contamination to sensitive machinery and electronics that may be in the immediate vicinity.

Surface Preparation

Most projects start with preparing old surfaces through chemical stripping, abrasive blasting and water-jetting techniques applying the best solution to a particular surface and its surrounding environment. Many projects deal with the removal of lead paint and the special requirements that surround this known hazardous carcinogen and maintaining strict regulations involved in its removal and reduction to lead dust exposure. AMP possesses a wide range of industrial grade blasting and dust control equipment to ensure that Federal regulations for hazardous paint and coating removal are maintained.

Proper surface preparation is critical to the success of applying paint or specialized coatings towards the goal of completing a long-lasting and professional resurfacing for a project.



Industrial Painting Professionals

The main focus of our work. AMP possesses professionally trained personnel and a wide range of industrial painting application equipment to conduct industrial and marine-scale painting in a safe and efficient manner to get the job done fast and correctly. Our capabilities include professionally painting areas involving thousands of square feet of coverage at a time as well as safely re-coating within confined spaces and specialty areas.

Contact Advanced Marine Preservation today to set up a consultation for your particular marine or industrial painting requirement. Our consultants will recommend the best process and painting application to fit your need as quickly and cost effectively as possible.