Equipment Capabilities

Below is a graphical listing of the equipment Advanced Marine Preservation  owns and maintains to handle any size project for blasting, lead abatement, and other surface preparation methods required to meet EPA standards for dust and residue cleanup and management.


ARS Blaster-Collector
Super Unit

ARS 8-Man Stackable
Blast-Collector Units

ARS 6-Man Trailer
Blast-Collector Units

ARS 45K Dust Collectors

ARS 20K Dust Collectors

8-Ton Blast Pots

Multiple Plural Paint
Pump Units

Multiple Single Paint
Pump Units

Multiple Graco NXT60 Airless Sprayer Units

500 CFM Commercial Vacuums

Industrial Dessecrant Dehumidifiers

Industrial-Grade Dehumidifiers

Portable Dehumidifiers

Decontamination Trailers

900 CFM Air Compressors

375 CFM Air Compressors

1200 CFM Air Dryers

Multiple High CFM Fans

Holiday Detectors
(Quality Assurance)

Gas Detectors (Safety)