Chemical Stripping

There are numerous methods for preparing metal surfaces these days and Advanced Marine Preservation employs several of them. For instance, chemical stripping of metals still has its place as an effective surface preparation process. However this method is also known to have a lot of environmental and personal safety hazards associated with it due to its caustic properties.

A good example is stripping paint from within a ship or, better yet, in more confined spaces such as within submarines where doors and other components cannot be removed to the outside to be stripped and resurfaced by other means.

A critical consideration where chemical stripping is ideal over blast stripping is the elimination of creating a dust environment within a confined low or non-ventilated space. Not only does this cause a risk of damaging sensitive shipboard electronics, it creates a personal health hazard as well as causing a post clean-up scenario that can add time to a project.

Advantages of Chemical Stripping

  • Ideal in confined spaces where components cannot be removed
  • Eliminates a dust environment that can damage sensitive shipboard and other electronics
  • Eliminates a dust environment in confined spaces causing health risks
  • Some effective solvents are safe for confined spaces
  • Eliminates time consuming post stripping clean up for fast turnaround

Chemical stripping of metals is also an option on large area metal surface areas through large vat tanks where components are immersed for a more complete strip of lead-based paints or other coatings.

There are numerous high quality chemical stripping methods and products on the market that Advanced Marine Preservation is knowledgeable on to use for any given situation. Our technicians are also trained to know the best solution that ensures personal safety, effectiveness of surface preparation, and time-savings for a project.

Call Advanced Marine Preservation today for your surface preparation needs and allow our experts to consult with you on the best means to accomplish your re-coating project in the safest manner and with the fastest turn-around possible.