Lead Abatement

Before the 1970’s, most marine and industrial paint coatings were lead-based due to its inherent properties of drying fast and ability to hold up to harsh environments.  Of course, this is before the realization of its dangers as a toxic substance to the environment and personal health. It is such a hazard that agencies such as OSHA, HUD, and the EPA have established strictly enforced lead level standards and procedures on how it is removed and then disposed of.

Lead abatement is a major component of Advanced Marine Preservation’s work due to our extensive experience with working with marine and industrial entities where lead paint was a standard for most surfaces of  ships and structures. Due to its toxic nature each project we undertake requires detailed planning using the proper equipment to ensure that lead paint is removed in a controlled manner. Our skilled technicians follow a strict adherence to the many Federal and State guidelines to protect their health and the surrounding environment.

Worker safety is paramount for this kind of work and we take it seriously. Our equipment is designed to specifically contain lead dust during its removal.  The prevention of allowing dust to settle in the surrounding work area is a primary goal of any lead removal project. This means having the expertise to control lead dust during removal and disposing of it properly afterwards through continual air quality monitoring, worker blood lead level examinations, and continual training on lead abatement safety procedures.

In certain unique situations where hard to reach or dust containment is an issue, we also employ lead paint encapsulation procedures where we are able to permanently coat the lead paint base to avoid the possibility of being exposed to lead in the future.

With facilities in major naval, shipping port and industrial centers in Hampton Roads, Virginia; Atlantic Beach, FL; Los Angeles and San Diego CA, we are able to respond on short notice to your lead abatement needs. 

Trust Advanced Marine Preservation’s expertise and certifications to handle your lead abatement issue with the care and safety it truly deserves. Call us today!

Lead Abatement Services Provided:

  • Lead Paint and Other Lead-based Coatings Removal
  • Lead Paint Encapsulation & Remediation
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Lead Dust Cleanup

Applications For Lead Abatement:

  • Ship Hulls and Superstructures
  • Ship Internal Confined Spaces
  • Marine Piers and Docks
  • Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Smokestacks
  • Bridge Superstructures