Industries Served

Marine & Ship Repair

A primary source of Advanced Marine Preservation’s work has been providing the US Navy, seaport and maritime shipping industry with a wide range of our services.  Ocean transit has notoriously been known as a harsh environment on metals generating a real need for continual maintenance for ships, barges, ferries, and tug boats and more to keep them afloat and operational.  These areas call for an expert on applying corrosion prevention, industrial protective coatings, fireproofing applications and much more.


Bridge Structure & Column Repair

Bridges experience the same long-term corrosive effects of weather and saltwater as anything else exposed to outdoor harsh conditions and heavy traffic use.  Advanced Marine Preservation has the expertise and equipment to remove rust and corrosion from foundation bridge structures and preserve the integrity of them with a number of protective coatings and  techniques to eliminate frequent maintenance.  


With pipelines usually exposed to continual water and weather elements, it is a given that corrosion and leaks are a constant battle to stay on top of. Advanced Marine Preservation’s surface preparation and coating services are an ideal fit for this industry.  We have the experience to apply the right application to the job’s requirement.  With four locations in the US, we can handle jobs nationwide. Call us today to find out more.

Power & Utility Plants

Advanced Marine Preservation has extensive experience with handling a power or utility plant’s special maintenance requirements ranging from corrosion prevention and waterproofing to chemical containment.  No matter what the size of the job, we have the knowledge and equipment to fulfill this industry’s needs quickly, professionally and cost effectively.

Smokestacks & Storage Tanks

Advanced Marine Preservation  – we are experts in the restoration of industrial storage tanks and smokestacks requiring the stripping of lead paint and other chemical exposures as well as repair from general corrosion.  No matter the industry, application or size of the project, we have the staff and equipment to handle the surface preparation and re-coating of your company’s tanks or smokestacks.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Another industry with requirement similarities to locks and dams where continual water and exposure to the elements eventually degrade steel and concrete structures causing corrosion and leaks.  Call Advanced Marine Preservation  when considering your next plant preventative maintenance project. Our experts can save you considerable long-term time and money in facility maintenance costs with our services and solutions.

Shipyard & Port Cranes

As with anything continually exposed to the elements, shipyard and port cranes are also prone to needing preventative corrosion maintenance or repair by Advanced Marine Preservation . With facilities on both coasts of the US, we have the personnel and equipment to handle an effective long-term or quick fix program for this industry.